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True customisation… Where the choice really is yours

What does bespoke mean to you? Comfort, luxury and style are very personal matters so this is one of the first questions we always ask clients. Thanks to our use of aluminium, we are able to offer you something unique to the world of motorboats: fully customised sports boats between 45 and 80 feet.

Many brands talk about customising when they mean you can select the colour of your settee or make other minor changes. At Vanquish we mean what we say – as long as your requests are technically feasible and lead to a boat that is fast, safe, superb to drive and visually a Vanquish, no request is too crazy for the VQ engineers and designers.

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Your wishes

We like nothing more than working with owners who – like us – think outside the box and seek to realise seemingly impossible ideas and wishes. From the type of engines to the size of your cabin, from the doors in the hull to the facilities on deck, everything is on the table at Vanquish. Let’s examine some of your options under various umbrellas while remembering that true customisation always means that every choice you make in one area can be reflected in another.

Put another way, every Vanquish is the sum of all its parts, hand-built in harmony with the way you enjoy your leisure time out on the water, who you enjoy it with and your definition of luxury. As one owner wrote in our Lifestyle Magazine: “Vanquish is an innovative and super-flexible yard that builds the boat which a client actually wants. This non-traditional thinking has resulted in a custom powerboat that makes everyone stop and stare each time we come into a marina.”

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Your propulsion

One of the core benefits of the radically different approach to customisation at Vanquish is the ability is gives you to opt for engines and propulsion systems that match your need for speed and likely sailing range. Outboards or inboards, IPS systems, jet drives or surface drives… Whatever power you opt for, the Vanquish engineers will ensure you optimum agility, acceleration and comfort.

We have immense experience of installing high-end products from the likes of Volvo, MAN and Mercury. Your engines/drives will be combined with high-speed steering propeller systems to provide maximum manoeuvrability and a more direct response than shaft drives and rudders. Owners with a particular penchant for pace can order a Veloce version of their boat with the most powerful engines, named after the Italian word for speed.

Read more about the unrivalled performance of a Vanquish driver’s boat here.

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Your hull

The many assets of aluminium are explored in detail here but a key part of the flexibility on offer is the ability to shape your hull and add the doors, hatches and any other openings or appendages that make life fun and convenient for your onboard lifestyle. If you want the ability to berth up lengthwise, for instance, we can add a side entrance to port, starboard or both.

The VQ58 is a superb example of the kind of choices we mean here. You can have one or two garages, located either on the stern and/or as a side bay. The doors of the tender bay open aft, making for a quick and easy launch and return. Having two garages allows you to carry the VQ11, a Williams 285 turbo jet, sea bobs, paddleboards, diving gear and as many other toys as you can play with.

You can also choose for any colour for your hull (and any VQ tenders to match). The variety of exterior livery selections made by owners makes for a rainbow fleet of VQs, featuring everything from jet black and tope grey to bright orange and Gulf Racing light blue.

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Your deck

Some people buy a Vanquish to take lots of people out for parties on the water. Others are looking for day boats for sport, weekends with close friends or a family-friendly cruiser to embark on extended trips. Whatever your reason for investing in your pleasure, the deck layout of your Vanquish will reflect these uses.

Length is subjective so if you require a foot or more extra to extend your deck options so be it. Whether you have an open, T-top or fully enclosed hard-top arrangement, the alfresco dining spaces on the aft deck are unique for motoryachts of this length. Make the most of the expansive open deck spaces to create superlative lounging areas, complete with icemakers, wine coolers, fridges, various dining options and several biminis. Spacious gangways will allow people to simply and safely move around the deck.

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Your interior

The same build-your-own layout philosophy applies to your interior, with all kinds of options arising the larger in size you go. We’ve built a VQ45 with a dedicated crew cabin in the forepeak with a comfortable bed, stainless steel sink and private head. We’ve replaced the foredeck seating area on another VQ45 with a longer owner’s cabin. There are VQ58s with a full-beam master suite, VIP/guest cabin for two, well-equipped bathrooms and a day lounge, but you could also opt for the three-cabin layout… Or simply dispense with sleeping accommodations altogether.

What’s more, if you are tall – or just like the feeling of extra space – we can increase the standing height in your interior. The same goes for the height and size of seats, beds, bathroom facilities, and so on. And if you love to cook, we can install a fully equipped professional brasserie kitchen for you to go crazy in.

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Your systems

From high-spec radar to a booming sound set-up, from smart cooking facilities to the latest cranes to move your toys, your choices when it comes to installing equipment and systems are as wide as your pocket is deep. Yes, customisation on this level does comes at a price but with Vanquish you get what you pay for, not what someone else has decided on your behalf.

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Your decorative style

The same goes for the style of your upholstery and furniture. Already built to a high degree of finish and comfort, the ‘standard’ Vanquish interior is easily sufficient for many clients. But perhaps you are one of those highly individualistic people who also wish to have your personal preferences met to the smallest detail below decks? Then you are welcome to upgrade your interior in a beautifully bespoke way with the colours, fabrics, leathers, woods and marbles you prefer.

You don’t have to go fully original unless you wish to as Vanquish has worked with Design Unlimited to develop a template for creating a custom interior in terms of style, layout and facilities. It incorporates a wide range of first-class fabrics and finishes in a marvellous monochrome colour palette. This high-end interior platform also includes luxurious features such as a 100-litre fridge, recessed storage pockets and full-height wardrobes.

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From theory to practice

Customisation comes in various degrees. Taking the initial proven design as the starting point, you can make as few or as many changes as you like. You can even go the whole hog and create a unique one-off project such as the recent examples below – click the links in the summaries to explore how these owners left no stone unturned in their quest for a totally bespoke experience:

Robins Nest

Taking the Vanquish custom build promise to new heights, Robins Nest was the first VQ45 Hard Top fitted with outboard engines. With a whopping 2,400 horsepower available, she can reach an incredible 65-plus knots. The owners love snorkelling so we fitted an in-house designed automatic crane to get toys out of storage. Two boarding doors make her easily accessible while the interior features bespoke windows in the hull offering great views from the master suite. There’s also a deep U-shaped seating area on the foredeck which accommodates six people.

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Coco Loco

The custom VQ52 Coco Loco was created for an experienced sailor who required a boutique version in the 52-foot size that would fit perfectly in his berth in Ibiza. He also wanted 1000 hp Volvo D13 engines and surface drives, a full-beam T-Top layout with the legs outside the hull and a winch on the foredeck in place of the usual seating area. Coco Loco has one sleeping cabin, freeing up extra space for the engine room, which includes a special hatch in the deck for easy access plus stainless steel couplings and connections made by the owner’s company. Read more about this bright orange beauty here

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