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The VQ32.

No other powerboat in the 10-metre range offers the VQ32’s awesome mix of high speed excitement with ultra-comfortable facilities.

40+ knots
8 seats
10.21 m / 33.48 ft
2.91 m / 9.45 ft
Meet the family

The original driver’s boat.

The VQ32 was the design that started the VQ Yachts revolution and remains a milestone motoryacht in every way. You won’t find any equivalent design with a walkaround, for instance, and the idea was such a hit that it was extended to later VQ yachts models.

The original driver’s boat

Excellent design.

Now given a further design twist by Guido de Groot, the VQ32 mk2 is very suitable for lakes, as well as for exploring coastlines or even further afield. It is also ideal if you are looking for a tender for your superyacht.
vanquish vq32 top back view yacht sailing

For your pleasure.

Wherever you choose to sit or lay down, you’ll be thrilled by the VQ32’s tremendous power. And because we partnered with an acoustics specialist to keep the noise levels down even at high speeds, you’ll be able to hear how impressed the others are around you.
vanquish VQ32 blue ocean couple sailing


vanquish VQ32 interior kitchen
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