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The VQ16 Sports Line.

Compact and lightweight but packing a real punch, the VQ16 Sports Line marries top-of-the-line comfort with flair, muscle and a great deal of fun!


All aboard the fun machine.

First introduced as a revolutionary take on tenders in 2015, you’ll now find the VQ16 Sports Line also being used as a fantastic way to tow toys, in addition to being the ultimate water scooter. Stand at the helm of this spacious, five-metre-long beauty and enjoy the thrill of a genuinely unique craft in the company of up to four guests.

Up to 45 knots
5 seats
5.07 m / 16 ft
1.66 m / 5.44 ft


This version will come soon



1.66 m / 5.44 ft
5 Seats
5.07 m / 16 ft
Yamaha 185hp with jet drive
Yamaha 250hp with jet drive
0.2 m / 0.78 ft
0.75 Tons
60 L / 16 US gallon
Max Speed
Up to 45 knots
Up to 53 knots
vanquish vq16 top view sketch

1.66 m

5.07 m


vq16 grey brown design 4 people sailing


I felt once more how simple and frugal happiness is: a glass of wine, a roasted chestnut or the sound of the sea. Nothing else.

Surpassing expectations.

The product of in-depth market research and discussions with clients, the VQ16 Sports Line combines excellent maneuverability, exceptional comfort and first-rate technology. As well as being fantastic as a towing machine, the VQ16 is an awesome piece of kit on which to go out for a spin. It is also perfect as a super-versatile tender: combined with a larger boat from the Vanquish range, this is surely the coolest of combinations.
vanquish vq16 gray edition 3 people cruising

Hear the roar.

The feel behind the wheel of a VQ16 is the same as in a beefy drivers car. Its power, manoeuvrability and comfort rest on sturdy next-generation technology combined with state-of-the-art Dutch craftmanship. The standard propulsion is a formidable 200 hp Yamaha 1.8 L jet engine which provides no less than 40 knots, and in the Veloce version the VQ16 reaches an astounding 50 knots. What will you use your VQ16 Sports Line for?
vanquish vq16 3 yachts man racing

Go bespoke.

The VQ16 Sports Line can be tailored to a broad range of your desires. For instance, you can adapt the interior to various requirements and change the color to match that of the mother ship when used as a tender. Each VQ16 is entirely hand-made with great precision. The result is always very special and reflects your style.
vanquish vq16 exterior details shits

Sharp design.

A true incarnation of the Vanquish spirit, the VQ16 Sports Line features next-generation technology, sharp design by Guido de Groot and meticulous naval architecture by Studio Delta. The jet drive is integrated flat into the hull, making it ideal as a tender, but the craft is comfortable and fast enough to provide a perfect base for a fun day of watersports out on the water.
Vanquish vq16 Ibiza June 2017 racing
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