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VQ55 Sports Line .

With the launch of the VQ55 Sports Line, Vanquish is experiencing a world premiere. The VQ55 is the first yacht of this size to be developed in the wind tunnel.

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Exceptional speed.

The VQ55 Sports Line is a sensational center console yacht with a stepped hull. The performance is phenomenal. No other lifestyle sports yacht similar in size, is capable to outperforming the VQ55’s speed. Are you ready for the thrilling VQ55 Sports Line?

Exceptional speed
Up to 70 knots
18 seats
17.25 m / 56.5 ft
4.9 m / 16.1 ft




This version will come soon

VQ55 Sports Line GA Waterjet
VQ55 Sports Line GA Outboard


4.9 m / 16.1 ft
18 Seats
17.25 m / 56.5 ft
Quint Mercury 600hp (V12)
Twin Nanni N16 1200hp (V8) with water jets
1 m / 3.2 ft
18 Tons
4540 L / 1200 US gallon
Max Speed
Up to 70 knots
Up to 50 knots
VQ55 Sports Line GA waterjet top

4.9 m

17.25 m

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With quint Mercury 600 hp (V12) outboard engines, the speed can reach up to 70 knots. Also available with twin Nanni N16 1200 hp (V8) inboard diesels and waterjets, giving an appropriate top speed of 50 knots. The VQ55 Sports Line is the fastest yacht in its class. To regulate the turbulence in the cockpit at high speed, the sides of the VQ55 are equipped with adjustable air vents.

Fast delivery.

The hull of the VQ55 is made of composite. This not only offers benefits in terms of price, but also has a major advantage in the building speed, without compromising on performance and design. And still plenty of room left for customization options. Everything about the VQ55 Sports Line is fast.
Fast delivery
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Space master.

Each VQ55 Sports Line owner will enjoy the enhanced interior space, high level of comfort as well as long-distance travel capabilities. With two spacious cabins below decks, four people can zoom off the weekend or longer, with a smart on-deck galley complete with fridge, sink, and wine cooler. The finish of the interior as well as the exterior is exceptional.
Space master

Beach up.

Designer Guido de Groot and our engineers went to work on stretching the VQ40 to a VQ55, devising a sensational centre-console boat. Twin 1200 horsepower diesels with waterjets will have you riding the waves at 50+ knots and you’ll also be able to head into very shallow waters and beach up on the sand. Moreover, waterjets are also known to be the safest propulsion system for swimmers. In addition, the Vanquish developers are creating a stepped hull outboard version which we are developing mainly for the US and Middle East markets. This will open up the potential for a Veloce model and with four or five Mercury V12 600hp outboard engines your speed will be over 70 knots! There’s no other lifestyle sports yacht of this size that is capable of outperforming the VQ55’s speed.
Beach up
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