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Full Service and after-sales

Full Service and after-sales.

At Vanquish Yachts service is not a department. It's a mentality.

About full service

In addition to offering you the most exciting adventures on the water, Vanquish is committed to ensuring you total peace of mind when it comes to ownership.The ultimate way to have literally everything taken care of on your behalf, this premium service programme is available from our Vanquish Points in Ibiza, Sag Harbor and Fort Lauderdale. Have your boat pampered throughout the year so that she remains in tip-top condition and ready for you to take out to play at the times of your choosing. Maintenance, repairs, engine upgrades, refits over the winter and off-season storage are all available. The Full Service teams can also arrange for your Vanquish to be chartered if you wish: VQ boats are exceptionally popular among renters and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you cover the cost of ownership.
About full service

Partners in perfection

For areas beyond the reach of our service points Vanquish mainly works with local partners. These are carefully selected and fully trained by us to ensure they can skillfully carry out all the most common service tasks to VQ standards of perfection. Our after-sales team supervises and supports these local partners at all times with information and components.
Partners in perfection

Call the flying doctors

Vanquish HQ has a five-strong team of service managers at your service around the clock and around the world. These highly qualified engineers are true Vanquish enthusiasts who enjoy helping clients in the best ways possible. Very experienced in both aluminium and composite, the ‘Flying Doctors’ perform a wide range of tasks and can generally be on site within 24 hours. This internationally oriented team also knows how our industry operates and will fully understand your needs.
Call the flying doctors
Service from Vanquish Points

Vanquish Ibiza

With its own service company and certified Volvo dealership, Vanquish Ibiza’s highly experienced engineers offer owners in this beautiful part of the world a comprehensive range of services. Ready to resolve any challenges that may occur, our technicians are available 24/7 during the season and know exactly what VQ clients expect. They see Vanquish service not as a department but as a state of mind…

Vanquish Ibiza has a large warehouse containing a wide range of the most common service components. There is also a professional workshop and a crane for lifting yachts. Vanquish Ibiza has the facilities for winter storage during which we can perform all necessary maintenance on your yacht.

The Vanquish Point is permanently supported by our yard in the Netherlands, where a professional after-sales team, led by a dedicated manager, works constantly to raise client satisfaction to even higher levels.

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