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Premium yachts deserve premium service

Premium yachts deserve premium service .

At Vanquish Yachts, service is not a department... It’s a way of life.

At Vanquish Yachts, service is not a department... It’s a way of life.

A recent survey showed that the number one feature of a good client experience almost always revolves around the same outcome: “My problem was quickly resolved”. This area of service has long been given the highest priority at Vanquish. We recognise that VQ owners buy a boat to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday living. Their time on the water with friends and family should always be hassle-free, meaning that any issues are dealt with swiftly and smoothly.

We also know that this confidence starts with reliability. That’s why our dedicated service teams do whatever it takes to ensure any issues are quickly dealt with. We don’t get fixated on warranties, timelines and the like as premium yachts deserve premium service.

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How does this work in practice?

Vanquish Yachts has its own teams of technical service professionals in Florida, New York, the Netherlands, the South of France and Ibiza. Their aim is to keep your precious Vanquish 100% operational and in mint condition.

All our service vehicles are quickly on the road when needed, carrying with them state-of-the-art equipment and spare parts. A fully stocked warehouse in Fort Lauderdale ensures almost all parts are directly available and we also have our own berths there to work on the boats in addition to our own travel lift.

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Vanquish Boat House

Over in the Netherlands, the all-new Vanquish Boat House is now at your service. Located adjacent to Vanquish HQ, this large covered in-water hall has room for between 20 and 30 of our yachts. It is from here that sea trials are organised on newly launched boats and completed boats officially handed over to owners or their representatives.

We carry out refits and all kinds of maintenance activities while Vanquish owners located in this part of the world can safely store their prized possession in the Boat House over the winter. This prime facility offers a showroom, a reception lounge for current & potential clients and a bespoke area designed to allow you to personalise your yacht in style.

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Flying Doctors are go…

Vanquish service experts in the main boating regions are backed up by our globetrotting Flying Doctors – highly qualified engineers who are ready round the clock to go where your boat is. That includes jumping on a plane if the distance demands.

These true Vanquish enthusiasts are experienced in both aluminium & composite, used to performing a wide range of tasks and can usually be on site within 12 hours. Internationally oriented with a laser focus on service, our Flying Doctors team knows how the yachting industry operates and will fully understand your needs.

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That premium personal touch .

In our opinion, great service means showing Vanquish clients that they are our greatest asset. We understand we are nothing without owners, and high satisfaction levels for service have ensured us a constant stream of repeat orders and brand loyalty.

Our friendly and helpful teams are trained to leave a lasting impression for the way they provide assistance, empathising with your requirements to provide the service you deserve.

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