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Performance and power, comfort and fun: Climb in the driver’s seat

There’s an air of anticipation when people board a Vanquish boat for the first time. None of our aluminium boats are the same due to the high level of customisation and their size will range from 45 to 80 feet. But what you will sense on every Vanquish as you settle down in the helm seat for your first ride is the quality of the finish and the awesome power at your fingertips.

Holding the trademark VQ steering wheel, checking the joysticks, the excitement is ramped up by the roar of the engines as you get ready to leave harbour. You’ve heard that the performance, comfort and handling of a Vanquish is in a class of its own and are keen to see if the boat is as comfortable at speed as friends say…. It’s time to find out why people use the term driver’s boats.

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The fun factor

Before we explore how the Vanquish brand reached its unique position in the high-performance market, a quick word on the basics. People like you buy a boat like this primarily for pleasure. You’ve worked hard for your money and earned the right to invest in some pure joie de vivre. Just like a high-end sports car, a VQ boat will give you the most fun on the water as its light weight, high strength and low centre of gravity allow you to go a little crazy when the mood takes you. Now, let’s cut to the quick and get moving…

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Into the waves

Once out at sea the first thing you’ll notice is how the straight bow cuts through the waves like a knife. The sharp design reduces any pitching from the incoming waves on the bow, while the deeply immersed main spray rails help reduce rolling. There’s also far less lift from the waves than you experience with conventional hulls so you can hold your course exceptionally well.

As well as facilitating a super-smooth ride, this stability means you can rest assured that any guests who might be walking around while you travel at pace are safe and secure. This applies even more to those of us who like to take the kids out for a spin of course.

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All-round views

Talking of safety, check out the way the stunning and cleanly designed windows offer panoramic views while steering your Vanquish. This is just one of the many benefits of building in aluminium: the stiffness of the boat’s structure dispenses with the need for window frames or mullions that can restrict your vision at vital moments.

Keeping it dry

If you’ve ever sailed on a less well-designed motorboat, you’ll be amazed at how dry you stay on a Vanquish, even at high speeds. This effect is achieved by adding spray rails to the sides and secondary spray rails on the bottom surface. The spray rails in the water reduce the wetted surface and the drag of the hull, which in turn improves the speed potential. The spray rails above the waterline deflect the spray which is kicked up at speed to give you the signature Vanquish dry ride.

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Easy to handle

As well as keeping an exceptionally stable course, the smart design, naval architecture and shape of a Vanquish hull also offers fantastic agility. Building in aluminium gives you optimum maneuverability in the marina and well as the best and safest possible performance at both high and cruising speeds. The extra stiffness offered by aluminium makes for a boat that is very receptive to your commands. If you’ve driven fast cars with extra reinforcements like strut bars then you’ll know the score.

An aluminium Vanquish also has considerably less roll movements because the hull is lighter than composite. Reducing the overall weight of the boat, the centre of gravity is lower with the heaviest items being built lower down

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Choose your propulsion

Another massive asset of the unique Vanquish approach in aluminium is that we can offer you all the above in combination with every conceivable form of propulsion you can wish for – as long as it is technically feasible. Inboards or outboards, IPS systems or surface drives, you get to choose the power that best fits your desired speed, maneuvering or cruising ability. The only condition we set as a yard is that your boat must incorporate the Vanquish DNA of a fast and safe boat that is superb to drive. The propulsion will be combined with high-speed steering propeller systems that ensure a far more direct response compared to shaft drives and rudders.

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From 0 to 50…

A Vanquish will accelerate at a significantly faster pace than other boats with the same engines and length. A VQ52 with twin IPS950s, for example, comfortably outstrips an equivalent sized boat from another leading Dutch brand that is fitted with three IPS650s both in terms of the time required to reach high speeds and the top speed ultimately attained.

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Accept nothing less…

To conclude, your Vanquish between 45 and 115 feet will benefit from:

  • Ultra-high-tech Dutch engineering and the latest manufacturing techniques
  • Lightweight, seaworthy aluminium, which is sustainable, easy to maintain and keeps cost of ownership low and the resale value high
  • An ingenious hull design which results in low fuel consumption, fast acceleration, a long range and a lack of spray
  • An unrivaled degree of maneuverability and control
  • Superior standards of noise and vibration attenuation even at the highest speeds.
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