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About VQ Yachts

About VQ Yachts.

Based in the Netherlands at the epicentre of the world’s premium yachting industry, Vanquish Yachts was founded in 2012 to challenge the mainstream orthodoxy of the motoryacht world. Our slogan ‘Not for Everyone’ reflects the special boats we build in terms of their looks and the very special clients we serve. Disruption is in our DNA and non-conformist thinking in our genes. Leveraging on a passion for design and engineering, the Vanquish team delights in working with and for owners who think outside the box.

Pushing the window of innovation

Every driver’s boat in the VQ range has a radical appearance and an elegant allure that stands out from the crowd. An ingenious hull design gives you low fuel consumption, fast acceleration, superlative comfort, maximum manoeuvrability with very little spray, and a long range. Sustainable and easy-to-maintain, you’ll enjoy a low cost of ownership and a high resale value that justifies your original investment in pleasure. Other shared assets include an exceptional performance and a world-leading after-sales service for complete peace of mind.
Pushing the window of innovation

Trinity of choice

The VQ fleet is currently comprised of three types of yacht that share these qualities but differ in materials used, customisation degree and size: • Aluminium fully customisable motoryachts between 45 and 80 feet • Composite powerboats between 11 and 55 feet • One-off bespoke superyachts from 80 feet upwards
Why Aluminium
Trinity of choice

Excellence in aluminium

The Vanquish success story has been built on our unique ability to offer custom aluminium motoryachts from 45 to 80 feet which are built by hand using the very latest construction techniques. Every aluminium VQ is an individual vessel in her own right, built to the specific requests of her owner. Forget the clichés about customisation… At Vanquish we expect you to bring ideas to the table before we build your boat.
vanquish vq58 side view big waves

Unrivalled choice of layouts and facilities

Our designers and craftsmen have perfected the custom-building process to an ultra-efficient level. We can promise you an impressive price-quality ratio as well as unrivalled choice when it comes to changing layouts and facilities. All features are handcrafted in aluminium, right down to the seats, navigation lights, cup holders, cleats, fender storage, swimming ladder and speakers. All feel exceptionally solid and durable, while the absence of plastic on a VQ adds an eco-conscious element too. Even the distinctive steering wheel – the inspiration for our logo – is hand-built in aluminium.
vanquish exterior steering wheel

Class act in composite

Since 2016 Vanquish has built two superb tenders for larger yachts as well as water scooter fun machines – the VQ11 and the VQ16. While our core specialism remained building sleek motorboats in aluminium, in 2019 we responded to market demands for a compact version of the brand in a full-on composite boat with all the qualities of Vanquish finish and handling. The VQ40 offers a faster build time and a very competitive price for this size bracket. It is also ideal for people who are less concerned with the flexible customization choices offered by our aluminium range (although you still get lots of options with our composite line). We’ve now delivered VQ40s to many different countries and our craftsmen in composite worked tirelessly to meet the incredibly high demand. The introduction of the larger VQ55 in composite in 2021 kept them on their toes further and is attracting a new generation of Vanquish devotees.
vanquish vq40 couple in miami sailing


The goalposts defining what constitutes a superyacht in terms of size seem to be shifting from 24 metres to 30 metres, but at Vanquish we consider any one-off powerboat from 80 feet up fits that name. Not least because each project requires a one-off approach, as seen on the exceptional VQ80 Sportfish. Have a good look too at our concept for a VQ88 and the VQ115 currently in build, and you’ll see what we mean.
vanquish vq115 veloce aluminium model visual calm sea


We create fully customised fast driver’s boats with awesome agility and supreme comfort, hand-built in the Netherlands for demanding individualists.

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