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The VQ art of aluminium

published Apr 2022


One of the reasons Vanquish clients love their bespoke driver’s boats is because so many specific wishes have been met by our expert engineers and craftsmen. The use of aluminium is key…

…to this success as it provides enormous flexibility in the design and construction. Working by hand, the aluminium specialists at the Vanquish yard in the Netherlands work tirelessly for owners who embrace non-traditional thinking, with no request too crazy if technically feasible.

In addition to offering the ability to adapt countless aspects of your Vanquish to individual preferences, aluminium (marine alloy 5083) has many other benefits in terms of strength, durability, ease of repair/maintenance and more. Let’s explore these assets together…


Safety first
Vanquish yachts are mostly used on blue water so the safety of owners and their guests is central to everything we do at Vanquish. Aluminium has a far better strength/weight ratio than the vast majority of shipbuilding materials and is very difficult to deform. Moreover, the effects of any impact on an aluminium hull are only felt locally, with the rest of the body retaining its shape (and safety for passengers).

The exceptional properties of strength and resistance mean that aluminium hulls are far more resilient to damage than their GRP equivalent. Moreover, aluminium absorbs its own energy in collisions over a larger surface area than steel and is twice as good at absorbing shocks.

This marvellous metal also doesn’t burn in the atmosphere and nor will it fuel a fire. Using aluminium also allows us to incorporate any specific safety considerations you might have for taking thekids out to sea. Let’s get thinking together…


Powerful performance

No-one buys a Vanquish to cruise around at low speeds – there’s a reason they’re called driver’s boats. The incredible performance of our yachts is a key factor in our success and the fact that aluminium is lighter than composite plays a critical role herein.

The weight savings offer you an acceleration that make the most of our power-packed VQ hull designs. You’ll save on the fuel bill too and have a reduced draft, allowing you to go places other boats cannot reach. All in all, creating your boat in aluminium ensures you maximum manoeuvrability, blistering speeds and supreme comfort.


Made to last
Vanquish owners are happy to invest in their pleasure and expect a premium product in return that will stand the test of time. Aluminium offers an incomparable longevity compared to other boatbuilding materials. Maintenance requirements are very low and aluminium structures deteriorate very little over the years.

Aluminium boats are also far cheaper to repair. Dents can often be beaten out with a hammer and, if needed, parts can easily be cut out and replaced. Aluminium is remarkably resistant to corrosion, osmosis and structural fatigue. The only possible source of galvanic corrosion on aluminium hulls is contact with stainless steel parts but the expert builders at Vanquish will ensure this cannot happen with your VQ boat


Redefining comfort
The word ‘comfort’ has a different meaning to us all depending on what we find important. At Vanquish we define comfort by our ability to create a boat that meets the owner’s specific needs. And the use of aluminium plays a huge role in this as we modify the layout and accommodations in countless bespoke ways such as:

  • Extra ceiling height for taller guests
  • Building in beds of appropriate lengths
  • Creating seats and sofas of various sizes in the lounge and on deck
  • Adjusting or removing obstacles to easy on-board movements such as steep stairs or low chairs
  • Opting for a specific propulsion system that requires a custom interior
  • Arranging your sleeping quarters and bathrooms in a way you enjoy… or dispensing with both and creating the ultimate day boat

The list is endless and purely revolves around how you see, feel and experience comfort.


Vanquish owners love life and are keen to do their part to protect our planet. Aluminium is a more environmentally friendly material and fully recyclable at the end of its product lifecycle. Building in aluminium results in much less waste and what is left over can be reused in other applications. There is no more future-compatible and eco-conscious way to justify owning a boat than to have it made in aluminium.


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