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Vanqraft VQ11 Fun Machine

published Sep 2021

Vanqraft VQ11 Fun Machine

The VQ16 generated lots of attention from day one, and dozens of them have already been built. It didn’t take long before people were asking… 

… for a smaller version. This is how the VQ11 came into being.

Unique in the market today

The Vanqraft VQ11 is a crossover between a yacht tender and a water scooter designed in close collaboration with Guido de Groot Design. Just like the VQ16, it is unique in the market today. 

A radical innovation, the VQ11 is a typical VQ Yachts concept that responds to a clear demand expressed by clients. It is especially well suited for the tender garage in the VQ58. Clearly a real VQ yacht, even from a distance, it can be fully adapted to the taste of its new owner – for instance, being painted in the same colour scheme as the mother yacht.

Fun to the max

The Vanqraft VQ11 is powered by a Seadoo petrol engine and jet drive reserve drive function and will be able to reach speeds of 40 knots. The boat is 335 cm long and has a beam of 160 cm and a draught of just 25 cm. This makes it an exciting alternative to the Williams 325 tender.

Key features

  • Extraordinary manoeuvrability 
  • Remarkable comfort compared to other watercraft 
  • Suitable for wakeboarding and water-skiing  
  • Exceptionally advanced technology 
  • Built in the Netherlands 
  • And, of course, its huge capacity for entertainment. 

Seadoo service points are available all over the world so repairs can be performed anywhere.


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