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Fast delivery assured for VQ55 Sports Line

published Oct 2022

Fast delivery assured for VQ55 Sports Line

The success of our composite range is set to be further boosted with the development of the new VQ55 Sports Line Speed Master. This outboard version features…

… five 600 Mercury V12 600 hp engines and a top speed of 72 knots. The composite VQ55 was developed for people seeking shorter construction times who don’t have the kind of one-off requirements seen on custom-built aluminium VQs. That said, the options for personalisation remain huge on this unique centre console boat which is also available with 2 x 1200 hp inboard diesel engines with MJP water jets.

The VQ55 Sport Line has accommodation for four guests to sleep below deck in two spacious cabins with their own bathrooms. On deck you will find a fully equipped galley with fridge, wine coolers, countertop and everything else you could ever need to chill out with up to 14 friends and family in total comfort. Contact us today for more details….


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