White VQ58 in Miami waters

You are very welcome to join us at this year’s Miami Boat Show.

This year’s Miami boat show, which runs from Wednesday 15 through Sunday 19 February, promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Show Schedule

Feb. 15th
10 am - 6 pm
Feb. 16th
10 am - 6 pm
Feb. 17th
10 am - 7 pm
Feb. 18th
10 am - 7 pm
Feb. 19th
10 am - 5 pm
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Make the most of the Miami show.

Vanquish will certainly play its part in making this newly expanded event a success with three of our unique powerboats on display: the VQ58 T-Top, the VQ45 Hard Top Outboard Veloce and the VQ11.

This is your chance to book a personal tour of one of our yachts and discover why the Vanquish brand has taken the States by storm. A team of creative minds will also be on hand to discuss how you might build a bespoke Vanquish of your own.

VQ45 Open cruising speeding sun red

VQ45: Awesome in aluminium.

The all-aluminum VQ45 encapsulates the countless options available on a bespoke boat that is available in Open, T-Top and Hard Top versions. We recently unveiled a Hard Top Outboard Veloce model of this awesome weekender, which will be on display in Miami. The combination of acceleration, a top speed of 62 knots and comfort is having a big impression on all who see her in the US, and we expect this outboard driver’s boat to conquer the waves in Europe and beyond. Full details on the new VQ45 are available here and you can also watch our stunning new video explaining how Vanquish craftsmen work with aluminum.

VQ45 hardtop veloce outboard

VQ115 Veloce: Mighty power.

Talking of which, this April will see the launch of the first VQ115 Veloce, custom-designed and built for a repeat client looking to break superyacht records with a blistering 50 miles top speed. If you’ve met Vanquish boss Tom Steentjes you’ll know how much he enjoyed working with the owner on the world’s fastest conventionally propelled motoryacht. The fact that two new orders for the VQ115 Veloce have already been signed based on the design alone makes clear how special this project is. Judge for yourself here.

VQ115 Veloce sun blue cruising

VQ40 Sports Line: Unrivalled acceleration.

While our use of aluminium kick-started the Vanquish revolution more than a decade ago, Vanquish composite boats have opened up new markets. Sales of the compact yet powerful VQ40 Sports Line have soared over the past couple of years among owners who don’t require the complete customisation offered by aluminium. They love the way this fast 40-footer blends premium Dutch artisanship, superb exterior looks, a sleek stepped hull for unrivalled acceleration, and space to entertain 6 guests. You will too… Go here to read more.

VQ40 Sportsline cruising sun water

VQ55 Sports Line: Trailblazer.

Another composite speed machine that recently joined the VQ fleet is the new outboard version of the VQ55 Sports Line. Kitted out with no less than five Mercury V12 600 hp engines, she will blaze fresh trails at an astounding 72 knots. European clients are more likely to go for a set-up of twin 1200 HP V8 inboard diesels and waterjets, which still offers a vibrant 50+ knots. Want to know more? Click here.

Like to make an appointment on the show? Drop us an email here and we’ll get back to you asap.

VQ55 Sports Line Exterior Waterjet Snow White
We hope to meet you in person on the Miami Boat Show!

Tom Steentjes & crew

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