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Swimming platform

published sep. 2021

One of our customers was particularly impressed by the design of our VQ46 Dual Console with three outboard engines unveiled at the beginning of 2016. However, he preferred the aft section of the VQ48, because he loved its aesthetic and felt that the outboard engines on the VQ46 DC were taking up too much space.

The client also wanted to have a large swimming platform for maximum enjoyment of his yacht. Since VQ Yachts makes fully bespoke yachts, we were able to meet these requirements entirely to the new owner’s satisfaction.

To give enough space to the specially designed swimming platform and twin 370 hp inboard Yanmar diesels now replacing the three outboard engines, the VQ46 DC has been extended into the all-new VQ48 DC. You can check out a video showing the hull construction work here.

The new design offers many advantages for the new owner. The VQ48 DC will be frequently used for day excursions, both fishing trips with friends and fun at sea with the family. This means there will be a lot of getting in and out of the water with gear and without, making security an absolute priority.

New Dual Console

This new Dual Console boat is particularly well suited for a day out with friends and family – whether snorkelling, diving, wakeboarding or sport fishing – as well as cosy socialising with up to 18 people on board. There is lots of storage space for fenders, diving gear and sport fishing supplies, as well as Seabobs and wakeboards. Genuine comfort can be found in the cabin with combined toilet/shower and there is a berth in the forepeak for two adults.

The deck contains a spacious galley, two fridges and super comfy sofas with tables. A wide walkaround deck improves accessibility for everyone on board. To ensure maximum comfort on deck throughout the day, a protective T-top sunroof can be extended both forward and aft with sun awnings over carbon tubes.

The underwater section of the vessel mirrors that of the VQ48, which has been praised for its comfort & manoeuvrability and produces very little spray. In short, this new model is a real Dual Console with all the benefits of a true VQ yacht!


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