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Special edition of VQ32

published sep. 2021

Special edition of VQ32

VQ Yachts is building a truly unique VQ32 for the 58-metre superyacht Unbridled. This version of the new VQ32 has been fully adapted to the dimensions of the tender garage and the lifting capacity of the on board crane. To limit the height of the unique VQ32 Special in the garage we have designed a windshield that can be folded up and down. The tender will also be fitted with various features that makes boarding from alongside or aft of the yacht easier and quicker.

The VQ32 Special is designed to transport people between yacht and shore, and specifically to take them to diving locations in complete comfort. To facilitate divers, there will be lots of room to move around and a wealth of storage included in the layout. Omitting a cabin or head frees up space for 15 passengers seated or lounging. A deck shower for rinsing off in warm water is included.

The Special would not be a true VQ yacht without classic VQ characteristics such as the high speed and excellent manoeuvrability provided by twin V6 260 hp diesel engines. A joystick enhances the mooring and manoeuvring comfort of a boat with a top speed of up to 42 knots. The VQ32 Special will be delivered this year and we’ll keep you updated on the build.


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