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NEW in composite: VQ55 Sports Line

published sep. 2021

vanquish VQ55 silver back-side view new

The first orders are in for a thrilling new development in composite. A textbook case of demand driving supply, the VQ55 Sports Line is for clients who value speed

…of build above customisation. Like the VQ40 Sports Line, there’s also no compromise in terms of performance and design. And the Veloce version of the VQ55 Sports Line is set to be the fastest lifestyle sport yacht on the market.

The name Sports Line may not be familiar to all our readers and with good reason. This new term for all our composite boats was first unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September.

The core of the Vanquish success story to date has revolved around the phenomenal flexibility and agility offered by aluminium. We introduced a VQ40 Sports Line in composite last year for those clients who are looking for convenience above customisation, and the success has been such that we swiftly started receiving requests from the market for a larger VQ in compositevanquish VQ55 bentley blue back-side view

Time travel

Some people see a Vanquish on the water and want one for themselves sooner rather than later. They don’t want to wait between 1.5 and 2 years before taking delivery of their own aluminium VQ nor do they require personal changes to the exterior. The Vanquish vibe in terms of irreplaceable design and comfort are of course non-negotiable but when building in composite we can reduce the build time by about half while still giving good personal choices in areas such as interior upholstery and on-deck style.

Designer Guido de Groot and our engineers went to work on stretching the VQ40 to a VQ55 Sports Line, devising a sensational centre-console boat. Twin 1200 horsepower diesels with waterjets will have you riding the waves at 55+ plus knots and you’ll also be able to head into very shallow waters and beach up on the sand. Incidentally, waterjets are also known to be safest propulsion system for swimmers.

The Vanquish developers are also creating a stepped hull outboard version which we are developing mainly for the US and Middle East markets. This will open up the potential for a Veloce model and with four or five Mercury V12 600hp outboard engines your speed will be over 70 knots! There’s no other lifestyle sports yacht of this size available that can go so fast.

va,quish VQ53 bentley blue front-side view

Space master

Regardless of their propulsion choices, every VQ55 Sports Line owner will enjoy the enhanced interior space compared to the VQ40 and an even higher level of comfort as well as a longer range. There will be two spacious cabins so that four people can zoom off for the weekend or longer, with a smart on-deck galley complete with fridge, sink and wine cooler. 

The response from the market to this latest innovation has been very pleasing and the first orders are in the book from clients looking to up the Vanquish ante in composite form. Production has already started on several models and the 2023 sailing season will open up in VQ55 Sports Line style.


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